Brainprints could replace passwords

“(– Do you like pizza? Would you consider yourself a boat enthusiast, a landlubber or none of the above? Does comedian Adam Sandler make you laugh or make you cringe?

Your responses to certain stimuli — foods, celebrities, words, seafaring vessels, you name it — might seem trivial, but they say a lot about you. In fact (with the proper clearance), these responses could gain you access into restricted areas of the Pentagon.” Read more

Microsoft aims to gets tough on security with its Edge browser

“( — Microsoft is trying to make users feel more safe and secure with its new Edge Web browser.

Designed specifically for Windows 10, Edge is Microsoft’s attempt to move past the legacy of Internet Explorer and offer a more cutting-edge browser that’s faster, simpler and more flexible. Borrowing a page from rival browsers, Edge will offer a customized home page with links and thumbnails for frequently visited websites, access to Web-based apps and support for Chrome and Firefox extensions via a few tweaks.” Read more