Mercedes aims for another dominant year in F1 with W06 Hybrid Silver Arrow

Lewis Hamilton, 2014 World Driving Champion, testing the new W06 Hybrid Silver Arrow

“(– The 2014 Grand Prix season was a very good one for Mercedes. It won the drivers championship and the constructors championship. No one else came close. The 2015 season is right around the corner and Mercedes has unveiled the new car it will use in defense of its title – the F1 W06 Hybrid Silver Arrow.” Read more

Snowboarding Monster Lines in Nepal

“( — By Jeremy Jones – Leaving civilization to get into the heart of the Himalayas, I cannot wrap my head around the size, magnitude, and vastness of these mountains. It is on a scale I have never seen before. Are we crazy for traveling to the other side of the world to try and snowboard unclimbed and unridden lines in Nepal?” Read more