Motorola Unveils Digital Tattoos to Unlock Moto X Without a Password

“(– Motorola on Tuesday announced the launch of the digital tattoo method of identification for its Moto X(Review | Pictures) handset, a tattoo sticker made out of “super thin” material that unlocks the smartphone without typing any passwords or drawing any patters.

Made by VivaLnk Inc. and Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group, the $9.99 NFC-operated digital tattoo is round and nickel-size, that sticking to the human skin with the help of an adhesive material and lasts for five days. The adhesive material is designed to tackle activities like jogging, showering and swimming.” Read more

Biometric Shirt for Astronauts Gets an Antarctic Tryout

“(– The six adventurers on the XPAntarctik expedition had some harrowing moments during their one-month trek in Antarctica. There was, for example, the stormy day when team leader Alexandre Byette had to navigate through a crevasse field during a blinding whiteout. “You don’t know if your next step is going to be over a cliff,” he remembers. His heart was thudding as he struggled forward on skis, pulling a 90-kilogram sled heaped with supplies behind him. Thanks to a sensor-studded shirt Byette was wearing beneath his layers of warm clothes, researchers know exactly how many times per minute his heart thumped, along with many other biomedical facts.” Read more

A Founding Father Profit Sharing Fix for Inequality

“(– Current approaches to addressing rising inequality—raising the minimum wage, expanding higher education, increasing the power of unions, widening the national focus on high technology, aiming for a national renaissance in manufacturing—have not shown any evidence of reversing the concentration of income and wealth. There is one potential solution that could appeal to both pro-labor liberals and free-market conservatives, which has its roots in the philosophies of the Founding Fathers, and is already being practiced in parts of the economy today: employee shares in companies. The idea is to make every citizen a capitalist through citizen shares of corporations.  A story from President George Washington points the way. “ Read more

Meet ‘Project Zero,’ Google’s Secret Team of Bug-Hunting Hackers

“( — When 17-year-old George Hotz became the world’s first hacker to crack AT&T’s lock on the iPhone in 2007, the companies officially ignored him while scrambling to fix the bugs his work exposed. When he later reverse engineered the Playstation 3, Sony sued him and settled only after he agreed to never hack another Sony product.

When Hotz dismantled the defenses of Google’s Chrome operating system earlier this year, by contrast, the company paid him a $150,000 reward for helping fix the flaws he’d uncovered. Two months later Chris Evans, a Google security engineer, followed up by email with an offer: How would Hotz like to join an elite team of full-time hackers paid to hunt security vulnerabilities in every popular piece of software that touches the internet?” Read more